Hello! Im new and here is about some stuff about me.

I don’t know if this is the right topic to post this on bu remember im new :wink:

About Me

DiamondMiner has joined the DevForm
Hi there! I had recently joined the DevForm and I am new here. I also am new to Roblox Studio and stuff to make games. For an example, making models and builds.


Um I don’t really have anything to show and if I did, then I don’t know how to upload images and in fact take them. Lol


I can make good maps and models using blender and I also come up with good game designs. I wont however being able for hire. This means you cant hire me. But I might soon in the future!


You can contact me on my Discord (Link below) and my Roblox Group! (Also the link below) I recommend that you friend me on discord because I dont check my Group that much. But joining is nice of you. :angst:

Thanks for reading! Also why do people say 30 charss or something in the DevForm just question. :derp:

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the minimun por a post is 30 characters, some messages need 10-20. im new too.

Also, to publish images you have to click on the up arrow, select an image file and publish it.

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I think this might be the wrong topic? I am new too, but I think this topic is for if you want to be hired by someone. If that’s your intention, then this is the right topic. But if you’re trying to introduce yourself, then there is a topic for that which you can find a link to in the message that roblox sends you when you rank up. :slightly_smiling_face: Also maybe make a showcase if you’re looking for work? That way, employers can see what kind of work you do. Anyway, you seem nice, welcome to the community! This is just some constructive criticism so you can ignore it if you want, just trying to help :grin:

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Thanks a lot! I didn’t know that. Thanks for the help. :happy1:

Thanks for informing me! I did’t really know what topic to put this in and that to I was scared on what people are gonna say if I put it in the wrong topic. But thanks anyways! :innocent:

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to take screenshots i use Impr Pant, then i go to paint paste it and save

I don’t mean to be mean at all, just trying to help :slightly_smiling_face: I hope you didn’t take my post the wrong way :smile: have a nice day

Thanks for the help! I kind of feel like you are the person that will solve most of my problems. :sweat_smile: But ya, Thanks!

Ya thank you for not being mean. I think I took your message/replay the good way. :sweat_smile: I will also put this post in the right place. Thank you!

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Also, i don’t have Impr Pant on my computer. What do I do then? And, is it possible to put videos into posts?

it have atleast “Imp…” if not, you can still use other programs for screenshot, i think there is a way to put videos| but i dont know how.

Hey there! I do have PrntScr and Insert on my keybord. That might be the same as Imp Pant but I don’t know. But I will still use something else. Thanks for the help!