Hello, I'm struggling to find a Firearm for a Training Game!


[DISCLAMER] This Question is kind of Odd. Please tell me if I am in the Wrong Category, I’m still new to Posting here!

I’m trying to create a very simple Training Centre for a Militant Group, and although I can code decently, I am nowhere near the Level of creating a Firearm (Gun).

I have heard rumours that the TurboFusion Firearms (Which many use, simple to configure & Setup ect. ) do not actually show up to other Players, and are LocalPlayer Based.

Is this True? If so, can you give me some other Firearm Suggestions, either from the Toolbox or from something you may have created (If you have, then wow)? I don’t mind about the Gun, but preferably not an Alien Gun or what-not, if you know what I mean.

Thanks, AridOats. :smile:

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With little to no real experience with TurboFusion, as far as I know, I believe you are correct about TurboFusion being Client-based. Although lucky for you, I’m pretty positive there are multiple tutorials on making guns, I bet some more searching on the internet or even the DevForum and you’ll have your question answered!

If you have any other questions, you can PM me or reply!

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