Hello, such a question?

how can I make a personalized image that appears after ten minutes or five so that I can put “THE END” I want it to be automatic
Thank you for your attention.

Can you explain further?

Like a UI Image? You can just make a pop-up GUI maybe? Like @zQ86 said, please explain further.

Is “THE END”, going to be the personlized image? @ScytheSlayin, @zQ86, and I request for you be more descriptive on your post, and make sure to fill in as much questions on the template as possible.

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It’s hard to understand what you want from your vague post, but put this LocalScript in the desired ImageLabel (or add it to whatever code you have).

wait(60 * 10)

script.Parent.Visible = true

If you can ask about something more specific we can help you better.

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This is basically what OP asked for, but I don’t know if he wants it to fade in. Explaining with more detail would help a lot with what he needs with the “The End” text.

What is up with this awful title… There is no information provided in the post or the title.

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