Help, 1 Line of code is changing 2 separate keys

I am coming here in need of assistance, I have been looking at this bug for about 3 - 4 hours now and have tried countless things.

I have narrowed the problem to this 1 line of code but do not know how in the world it is changing 2 separate keys in a dictionary without even setting the second one.

ClientItemData[Player.UserId].Skins[Item.Name] = Item.Value

I have a dictionary of all the player Uid’s as the keys and in those indexes, I have another dictionary where it stores the skins hats, but somehow when setting player 1’s data it’s also setting player 2’s data.

I have checked to see how many times the line of code is being run… it is only being run once so I do not know how this can happen

Any help would be greatly appreciated! (even ideas on things to try)

It ended up being a weird Roblox issue so I just deleted the line of code and rewrote the exact same thing and it worked