Help coming up with engaging game ideas


Recently I’ve been pretty bored, and I want to start making things again. There’s just one problem - I have this t h i c k mental block that I just can’t seem to get past. I have tried everything I can find to try and get ideas, but no luck.

So as my last resort I’ve come here for help. Here’s what best fits my attitude:

  • An engaging game (I love money, you love money, who doesn’t love money)
  • Not too hard of a game (don’t expect me to make the next bee swarm simulator or something)
  • But most importantly, a game that’s relatively fun to make, I don’t want to grind for hours and hours to make a game I don’t enjoy making

Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance! :happy1:

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I had the same issue up until recently, but I joined in 2012, so I decided to make something nostalgic that fits with that era (and hence type of player).

Now I have a lovely 2012-style house and a game with a spooky twist, if they player can find the right interact-able…


My advice is to do what you love, and start simple! Building is especially hard if it takes 5x the time and effort it takes to drag a part.

Hope this helps.

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Thanks for the advice! Unfortunately, I’m not really a ROBLOX “og”, so I don’t have the kind of nostalgia you do - I’m looking for something people would like to play, sort of an immersive and engaging experience.