Help Developing "Starscape" Spacecraft Mechanics

Due to my intermediate knowledge of Lua, I need assistance with implementing something similar to Starscape’s spacecraft mechanics.

Does anyone have a topic or information they would like to share to achieve the desired effect?

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There are many available models of spacecrafts in the Toolbox in Roblox Studio, did you check them?

None of the various options in the Toolbox are suitable nor have scripts I can use to create such smooth spacecraft movements.

smooth movement’s are created using BodyVelocity and BodyGyro

BodyVelocity and BodyGyro are deprecated and are replaced by LinearVelocity and AlignOrientation.

Whenever I try to adjust AlignOrientation.CFrame (using scripts of course), the whole spacecraft just rotates in the opposite direction.

For example, when the player presses D, it should barrel roll right as long as the player is pressing D. The entire craft turns right for around 2 seconds before rotating the wrong direction.

Not only that, the camera goes crazy whenever I point the aircraft upwards using the mouse.

depricated but still works i use them in my game

I really don’t know much about these instance I did not use them before but I can help with body gyro and velocity

Do you not understand what deprecation means? It always carry the risk of breaking in the future, and if it does, Roblox will not fix it. You will eventually have to make the switch anyways, so why not do it now instead of waiting for the inevitable, which will only attack by surprise?

As far as I know, if something get deprecated they will stop updating and add new feature to it so it will remain constant, then how can possibly break if they did not change it, also I don’t think Roblox will do anything of that as many old games and tools will not work as expected

Because other things can break it. They may change or add a new feature, change the fundamental engine and internal workings, which unintentionally breaks something else. This is literally how like 90% of all bugs are made, because of unintended side effects. Random things can break all the time after each Roblox update, and if its deprecated then it will stay broken.