Help duplicating many rails

Hey all,

Recently me and a couple of friends have been working on a train free-drive game, and I was wondering what type of track I should use and how I would extend that track to the large map we have built. Is there any sort of plugin that can be used to do this? The tracks we have made aren’t very flexible and only have straights and set-angle curves. It would be helpful if that would be changed.

Also, is there any way to have trains run smoothly on any type of track, like Stepford County Railway? Using VehicleSeat makes the train wobbly on turns.


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Try Gapfill and ResizeAlign plugins for problem #1. #2 You could try hard coding CFrames if you aren’t intending to have crashes/derailments.

For track curves, use Archimedes plugin. (i recommend 1-3 degrees for smooth)

Use partvelocity (the only way i can think of)