Help fixing "103: double is not allowed in data stores."

I am not sure what this error is, Ive looked everywhere for a solution and havent found anything that helped.

Are you using an ordered data store?

can you show images of your code and Output?

yes i am its for 2 leaderboards. #change30charminimumroblox

OrderedDataStores only allow integer values, if you need to store a double value, I recommend using the regular global data store. You can do this with DataStoreService:GetDataStore(name).


But how would i use :getSortedAsync? would i just manually sort it?

You can do that but you can also use listing and prefixes:
Data Stores | Roblox Creator Documentation
Or you could have a data store in that one to list them into a table.

Yea ill just sort them my self using table.sort thanks for the help!

What is the number you want to store?

If it’s money for example like $12.34 then you could do *100 to convert it to an integer.
(and /100 when you want to display it to the user)

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I just figured out the issue, And it was because it was trying to store something like “213.2388449”

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Maybe it’s a good idea to read up on what data types exists!

Lol i am fairly new to datastores, So im still getting introduced. sometimes it dont come to your head right away on what the problem is which id think is obvious but ig not.

I’m talking about datatypes. It’s a good thing to get the basics right when you want to start programming/game development. Integer, double/float, string/character etc. Just like making sure you know how loops or if statements (control structures) work.