Help Fixing A Team Only Health Gui Script

I need help fixing my script but it works for one team but not the other team also I did an “If not Empire then” to find if it’s not the team empire it gives republic stuff but this not working can soemone help?
this is the code:

  if game.Teams.Empire then
	local User1 = script.User:Clone()
	local Health1 = script.Health2:Clone()
	Health1.Enabled = true
	User1.Enabled = true
	Health1.Parent = Character.Head
	User1.Parent = Character.Head
	User1.User.Text = Character.Name	

  elseif game.Teams.Republic then
	local User2 = script.User:Clone()
	local Health2 = script.Health:Clone() 
	Health2.Enabled = true
	User2.Enabled = true
	Health2.Parent = Character.Head
	User2.Parent = Character.Head
	User2.User.Text = Character.Name