Help, How do I change the ID of a Image Label from a Server Script

Hello, I am struggling to change the ID of a image label from a Server script in workspace.

> 	if Values.Triarge_Hours.Value == "1" then
> 		script.Parent.Triarge_Hours.Triarge_Number.Image = ""

Can anyone help at all?

Its just the ID that don’t change everything else does

maybe you can create a remote event and do this…
server script

if Values.Triarge_Hours.Value == "1" then

local script

 script.Parent.Triarge_Hours.Triarge_Number.Image = ""

Yes I would do that but the is over 60 Numbers for the value…

Oh like each number has a different image ?

Yes, Its a UK NHS Waiting board

and do you already have these if statements and image changing things scripted in the server script ?

Do you have discord if that might be easier as I can Screen share

But I believe so

yea we could do that… ill dm my id