[Help] How to modify terrain tools to remove the region selection cap?

Hello, let me just get to my point. I would like to be able to modify the terrain plugin to let me set the region cap. I know this is deemed unnecessary but I’m working on a big terrain map so I would kind of would like to have more of a selection of an area without the cap. I know modifying the plugin is kind of risky since It could corrupt studio but I’m ready to take that chance. If so could any of the Roblox Studio Engineers guide me through the process of an unofficial way if you could that would be very helpful.

Are you talking about the terrain tool that is created by Roblox and in studio by default?

Yes, that is correct. You would have to go through the studio files to modify it.

I would advise against this even after you said you wanted it. I do not believe any Engineer that is familiar with would actually post on how to remove it. From going through the file myself, the code is unreadable and changing anything could break studio entirely, as you said.