Help! I have no idea how to fix this error! (SOLVED)

Alright, let me put this in a short explanation.
I’m attempting to make an area loading system, where if you go into a certain brick, it loads another area and deloads the previous, could anyone please help me fix this?


 19:55:57.478  Workspace.UnanimatedProto.LocalScript:29: attempt to index nil with 'Parent'  -  Client - LocalScript:29
  19:55:57.478  Stack Begin  -  Studio
  19:55:57.478  Script 'Workspace.UnanimatedProto.LocalScript', Line 29  -  Studio - LocalScript:29
  19:55:57.478  Stack End  -  Studio

Images of both server and client scripts:

Some more context: The Zone Values are STRINGVALUES, i do not know if i’m doing it wrong, it’d be nice to know!!

Update: Although a little buggy, i managed to do it. I just rewrote the scripts but the solution helped! Thanks @Friendly4Crafter!

Try making it say “game.workspace” instead of “workspace”

cause workspace just looks sloppy, and it could make the script function as intended.

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The issue with your script is that ZoneStorage:FindFirstChild(Zone) is nil. In this case, it means it simply hasn’t loaded yet. Whenever you use FindFirstChild() on an object that hasn’t loaded yet, it returns nil, however, WaitForChild() waits for the object to load, avoiding the error. Especially since you are accessing ReplicatedStorage where instances might need to load, try replacing FindFirstChild with WaitForChild and see how that goes.

@EatingDoritosRNN the usage of workspace is not the cause of this error. workspace and game.Workspace can be used interchangeably on the server without an error.

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I will attempt this! Seems very promising.