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As a UI Designer, I consistently make cartoon GUI’s, however, I would like to delve deeper into the Realistic Gui Category to expand my knowledge. I have been pondering about what software I should use for making Realistic UI’s and I have decided to come here for any suggestions. I can use both free and non-free software if this makes your understanding clearer.

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If you can afford it, use Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator.


With photoshop you can make overall nice, realistic GUIS with basically anything you want with them. Photoshop has a wierd learning curve, but when you get the basics down it is incredible.


Adobe Illustrator is an amazing program used to make cartoony and vector images. It is an amazing software which is easier to learn than Photoshop (imo).

It is your choice what to use at the end of the day. Paint Net is a pretty good software that has some of the features the Photoshop has and is really popular.

They always say Photoshop and stuff, meanwhile I recommend:

pure studio, along with coding (roact, etc)

Here’s a few UI I made with literally no software apart from studio involved (apart from the circle image but you can do that in paint as well so)

my personal website displays my UI, they are mostly done in studio.

how I create UI?

I have a design procedure, from draft to real prototype to final product.

Usually, first draft is done by pencil, second is done in software, third one is basically editing.

Thank you everyone for your help, it is really appreciated!