Help Improving Game Idea

Hey, I’m going to try and keep this as brief as possible; basically I have an idea for knife game. So players would join the game to find themselves in a lobby and then select a mode type that they would want to play (1v1, FFA, Teams, etc.) and then they would compete in the game using 1 of many collectible knife skins and try to make there way up a bracket system where the higher bracket your in the cooler knives you can get. Now here is the part that would make this game actually hard, you can get points by killing other players but if you get killed that player takes ALL of your points which would bump you down into the demotion zone of the bracket your in. In the lobby there would be a hill like structure with the different brackets displaying the current players with the highest points.

(I just want feedback/improvement on the idea)

Heya! It sounds like a good idea what you’ve said but you need to consider already popular knife based games on Roblox. It kinda follows the same concept, to get better skins/ knifes and kill other players. How can you make this unique? Maybe you could incorporate that you have different knife packages and each package has different abilities (for example a package could make the player use lightning effect or create a fire ring etc). The bracket system is a good idea, maybe people in the ‘Gold Tier’ bracket can only compete against each other etc. and you can host like Bracket tournaments? Make sure to find the empty gap in the market which needs your game to fill it so players will enjoy a unique experience! I wish you good luck and hope this solved your question! :smiley: