Help in Desinging Game

This might be a big post but I’ll try to make it as to the point as possible. This is the first time designing any game in Roblox.

I’m working on a game that is inspired by Fall Guys. I’m creating stages where players will have to go through and the last one standing wins.

Assets are made via Blender with 3000 to 6000 tris, what will be a game performance?
I’m creating most of the objects from Blender and considering the limit of 10,000 tris but that’s also important to mention that objects are about 3000 to 6000 tris with custom textures. I had difficulties with collision for complex objects but solved it somehow.

Divide game stages in different places or put different stages in the same place?
I’m creating stages for players to go through. Currently creating different places for stages but I want to know from experienced developers that either it’s correct approach or not.
- If Not, then I can make all stages in same place but reason for creating stages in different places was to better organize my assets and scripts very well.
- If Yes, then here comes a different question below.

What happens when teleporting players?
I don’t know but I feel like when players are teleported the server changes.

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Meshes should not be a problem under 10k tris unless you have a crap PC below system requirements like I do
yes divide game stages so to change every environment every stage
Teleporting players I don’t know about that level of scripting tbh hehe but it shouldnt be a problem with the server but my guess only :confused:

Oh World is really small, and yeah that’s me :grinning:

Really!, well that’s just a single mesh, and I would be adding a bunch like these…

I’m already creating the stage and I would be testing the teleportserver. I also created different place for just menu because initial place is basically lobby, what I’m doing here is when player joins the game they will be teleported to Main Menu place right away and then they can come to lobby place.
Currently reading Reserved Server article, and if that works then what I will do, when players joins the server, the script will created reserved server and store it’s JobID and will teleport to another place using JobID to keep it within same server.

Or make multiple seperate places in one game and teleport one particular server there with using the gameId