Help in making a spin system

Hello fellow developers ! I want to make a type of spin system for my game. I have made a currency by which you can buy a spin which will then randomly give you a cosmetic. I have designed the GUI and I was following this tutorial but my system didn’t work at all. the system I want is like that of ‘Your Bizarre Adventure’. The main help I need is to code how can I make the server pick and random cosmetic from the lost provided and give it as the result using math.random. I will really appreciate all the help I receive.

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I have never played that game. So, all the things I said might not be what you want to be.

Here’s my idea:
Create a table with a bunch of random items, but let’s say the 100th item is always the prize. So, my main idea is to read through the table slower and slower and always stops at the 100th prize. It’s not that hard right?