[help] Is it possible to use HumanoidDescription with custom character parts?

So I use Blender to create a custom character and import it into Studio. so far so good.

In my game I use HumanoidDescription quite a lot to change the appearance of player characters using scripts. The problem is that to change the body parts (Face, Head, LeftArm, LeftLeg, RightArm, RightLeg and Torso) I can only use the bundle items in the roblox catalog. What I want is to be able to use HumanoidDescription with the parts of the character I create and import into Studio. Is it possible to do that? If not possible, what would be the best alternative?

What I want is to be able to change the appearance of the player character dynamically, while the game is running.

For bodyparts, I have gotten it to work by uploading models that match hierarchically how other bodyparts are appear. I think there are some object types that cannot be developer replaced though, such as face assets.

If the bodyparts are dynamically created within the live experience, you may need to ditch the HumanoidDescription loading process and make your own custom system.