Help making rainbow gradient show for all players

Hi there!

I have this rainbow gradient that shows up on a nametag when its on a developer. Right now, I’ve noticed that the gradient is only server sided and other players will not see it. How can I fix this?

Here’s an example of what I’m talking about:

I’m not sure how to fix this and any help would be appreciated!


Have you considered using RemoveEvents or RemoteFunctions? It’s like client communicating with the server. Alternatively, you could just use a script without needing the LocalScript to communicate the RemoveEvent then try it like dat.


I haven’t actually considered that. I can try it! Albeit I feel like using a remote function wouldn’t generally be the solution.


Have you tried creating a server side script inside the ID tag that checks if it is the de-developer ID?

Here’s the script I use!

local overhead = game.ServerStorage.username

		overhead.Frame.TextLabel.Text = player.Name
		local overheadClone = overhead:Clone()
		overheadClone.Parent = char.HumanoidRootPart

Hope this helps understand the situation a little bit.

If you want all the players to see the rainbow gradient, then this UI must be changed from the server to that specific player.

I assumed that the player who has that rainbow name has some kinds of special privilege, then before assigning the color to the name, simply send the RemoteEvent to the server, and let the server changes the name of that player.

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I think it would work if you use a script instead of a local script, or you can use remote events.

I’m currently using a server script to host the nametag duplication

Try removing the local then, and just make it so each player that has the radiant just has it and it’s not just for their client

The gradient is simply enabled when a developer received the tag. It’s always in the textlabel.

Ohhh I see than it’s a simple fix, use a remote event to make to make it visible for everyone for the local overhead part.