Help me fill in the space for my café build

Hi! I’m making a new café game and I think this room is a little empty. If you have some ideas on what I should put in this space I’d be pleased to hear what you have to say!
Thank you!


You could always add more tables or more props. I suggest adding a donation board or leaderboard, it could always benefit your game giving you more robux and give players competition in competing in getting 1st place. Some ideas I’ve came up with when I saw this image, instead of the fences for the line, add a short white wall maybe as tall as to the waist. After that add decorations around the wall which gives it a better festive look, it also fills in the face near the middle.


Thank you for your recommendations! I will definitely try adding these.

Hello! Great build! I love the christmas style. Anyways,

Make the glass… well… holders I guess… have actual glass. You don’t wanna be drinking some coffee then people step all over the table.

Also, maybe add blinds to all of the windows. I’m obsessing over those windows, aren’t I?

The last thing I could thing of is adding green wall trim to all of the other walls, and maybe put the furnace right here instead:

Can you show the rest of the building so I could suggest more, or are you not done with it?

Oh, and maybe add trash bins, some cafe’s have them where you can even get rid of your tools.

Thanks for the suggestion! I haven’t finished the rest of the café sadly… so there’s not much more to show. But I used some of your tips and its looking better already!

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You could place some pillars, extra tables, plants, plants, more plants, plants, and plants

Alright, I’ll try adding that.