Help me merge these 2 morphs to be decided by 1 button

I finally created 2 working armor givers! One of them supports R6 only, and the other one supports R15 only. I did this because my game supports optional hybrid avatar types so my game lets you play as either R6 or R15 depending on your avatar settings. Now How do I merge these 2 morphs into one giver that gives the correct matching morph? I tried to place them in the same location but when the avatar steps on it both buttons will get in the way of each other and crash the correct script before it can give the player the correct armor. I need to make 1 button tell the difference between an R6 player and an R15 player so it will know which armor to give to the player without letting the other one get in the way.

Here is the uncopylocked place that you can open up with studio. 2 armor givers 1 button that decides the right mor - Roblox

If you can solve the problem and get everything to work then just send me back an uncopylocked place or model of the finished result. After you finish it then I can also reward you with admin in my game if you want it. Thanks and good luck!

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