Help me with bullet script

Hello guys i’m having a problem creating a gun can someone help?
this is the script

local gun = script.Parent

function fire()
local bullet =“Part”)
bullet.Size =, 0.392, 0.303)
bullet.BrickColor =“New Yeller”)
bullet.Material = “Neon”
bullet.Transparency = 0
bullet.Anchored = true
bullet.Name = “Bullet”
bullet.CanCollide = false
local FireBullet = bullet:Clone()
local bulletposition = gun.Handle.Position
bullet.Position = bulletposition
bullet.Parent = workspace
local dmgscript = script.dmg:Clone()
dmgscript.Disabled = false
dmgscript.Parent = bullet
bullet.Orientation = gun.Handle.Orientation
local speedScript = script.Speed:Clone()
speedScript.Parent = bullet
speedScript.Disabled = false


but the bullet faces only one direction and when i tried to use CFrame.Angles it didn’t work