Help my simple script wont work

Ello I want to learn how to make a particle appear when a brick is touched. I can’t seem to figure it out and I bet it’s such a simple fix but because of my lack of knowledge in scripting I can’t understand it.

do you get any errors?

A Particle Emitter doesn’t support touched so you would want to use the parent brick. Also you should probably use enabled unless there’s a specific reason to use the transparency.

No I do not aaacharactersaaaaaa

i believe because of the way you wrote your script the end should have a paranthese at the end? like )

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like when i write a function like that, its always:

    --code here

with a closing parentheses at the end
I could be wrong
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Something like this would work.

	script.Parent.Enabled = true
	script.Parent.Enabled = false

Keeping in mind I’m assuming that the script is a child of the ParticleEmitter and that the ParticleEmitter is a child of a brick.

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Okay it worked thank you I understand now! :slight_smile: