Help needed with developer product API

I tried to make an API that changes the price of the dev product but it keeps telling me that I am unauthorized.

the api came from roblox itself on this site!/DeveloperProducts/post_v1_universes_universeId_developerproducts

this is my script

local http = game:GetService('HttpService')
api = ''

game.ReplicatedStorage.RemoteEvent.OnServerEvent:Connect(function(player, price)
	local UpdatInfo = {
		["Name"] = "test API2",
		["Description"] = "test api",
		["IconImageAssetId"] = 0,
		["PriceInRobux"] = 100
	local NewSendData = http:JSONEncode(UpdatInfo)

I tried to use the but it didn’t work because roblox won’t allow this (found it on the dev forum) so I used another recommended (

can someone help me with this issue?

I do not believe that you are permitted to change anything of the DevProduct from directly inside of Roblox Studio or the client, so that is why you might be getting an error.

But why does the API exist then?