Help needed with positioning UI's

I’ve been struggling with gui’s on Roblox for a year now. I’ve looked up the developer forums for a fix and to see if people have other problems like this but none of the topics meet my goal.

I’m trying to make a main menu screen, i’ve created a frame and changed the name to “Menu”, this is the frame that is gonna hold all the children and descendants of how i want the main menu screen to look like. I also added another frame and changed the name to “buttons” but there is a problem.

This is how it was when i changed some stuff in the properties but whenever i move the explorer tab, the frame gets squished

This is what i mean:

My goal is for the frame to still have the same size and position as the orginal image, i don’t want the frame or anything inside it to get squished…

I’ve tried using UIAspectRatioConstraint multiple times and edited the properties but it keeps squishing my frame and changes the position which is very frustrating.

Please stop linking the AutoScale Lite plugin. That plugin just makes my frame worse

Any feedback/help on this would be really appreciated!


nevermind, i got help from some talented developers and they fixed my issue!

Sorry if I may ask, how did they teach you to fix it?

i’ll tell you how i fixed it in my dm’s

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For anyone reading this topic that is looking for an answer, you will require to add a child of UIAspectRatio, this will keep the sizing and scaling of the frame consistent with the screen size. You’ll need to play around with some values to get it how you like it. Hope this is of help for anyone interested! My dm’s are always open for any further UI support.


You could also use @ZacBytes’s AutoScale Plugin, wich is alot easier to use.