Help On A Script

G’day. I need help on a script to force a animation package on someone when they join.

I have no idea where to start except:


I thought you may be able to configure something in-game, yet I couldn’t find anything, unless I just didn’t see it.
I looked up tutorials on YouTube, etc. Can I get some help, thanks.

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I think you can do that in the game settings.
Settings > Avatar.

Seems not. Only body parts/clothing.

You could use HumanoidDescription

        repeat wait() until Char:FindFirstChildsWhichIsA("Humanoid");

        local Humanoid = Char:FindFirstChildsWhichIsA("Humanoid");
        local HumDesc  = Humanoid:FindFirstChildsWhichIsA("HumanoidDescription");

        HumDesc.ClimbAnimation = 123456 -- Animation ID;
		HumDesc.FallAnimation  = 123456 -- Animation ID;
		HumDesc.IdleAnimation  = 123456 -- Animation ID;
		HumDesc.JumpAnimation  = 123456 -- Animation ID;
		HumDesc.RunAnimation   = 123456 -- Animation ID;
		HumDesc.SwimAnimation  = 123456 -- Animation ID;
		HumDesc.WalkAnimation  = 123456 -- Animation ID;

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Alright. Much appreciated help. Have a good day, this was the solution.