Help on debugging a script

Hi there! I’ve recently been trying to debug this script, but it isn’t turning out for me. What im trying to achieve is a script where I have an ingame shop where I can purchase things with the money I have. I also want the gear that I bought, to go into my backpack when I buy it.

Here’s some pictures of the script"
Here is the error:

I have tried making the function at the top say plr and just deleting the player variable and I tried just having the player variable.

The script is Lua
If you could help me out on this it would be greatly appreciated! :slight_smile:

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This is because this isn’t a local script.

The LocalPlayer should only be accessed from a local script, and not a server script (the normal one).
Also, you seem to be putting player as the parameter .MouseButton1Click returns as well, which is not correct, .MouseButton1Click doesn’t return any parameters

OHHHHHH! I see it now, thanks!

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GUI stuff should be handled locally in a LocalScript, however, because of exploiters, you can’t trust the client to carry out transactions on its own. I recommend you store the player cash values on the server and have the LocalScript send a remote to the server to carry out the transaction.

In addition to exploit protection, client-side changes are not replicated to the server furthermore meaning that their new Cash cannot be seen by the server nor other clients.

I see it now, thank you guys! :slight_smile: