Help on Environmental Scenery

One of the top things I want to focus on is improving my environmental scenery to make the game look pretty. To improve on something I need help and suggestions.

What are some things you would recommend for me to make my builds stand out?
Also, how do you make fog? Do I need to use some sort of a particle emitter?


What game? There is no pictures here.

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I’m saying in general. While making a game which focuses on environment, what are some of the things i should keep in mind?

It honestly depends on the type of game and theme you’re going for.


Just like Partlous said it depends on what game you want to make, you can look at some tutorials. There is some tutorials on how to get game ideas but, partlous said what he said…

How to make fog here is a (article) about it.

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Fog is in your lighting settings.
I would play around with your lighting settings. Make sure you play around with Ambient.

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As everyone else has said, it all depends on what kind of game you’re making. In my time, I tend to work on environments that take place in some sort of sci-fi nature world. So, if I were to let us say build a house, I would make sure there is some sort of tree nearby. If it’s a car, then possibly an extra tire lying around, or maybe parked near a curb, a light, etc.

What I typically do is think about the main object I am currently building and think about what goes with said object.

As for fog, fog can be found in your lightning settings in the Explorer tab. Try to mess around with it and get a feel for what it’s capable of. If you’re unsure of how something works, your next best bet is to look at YouTube tutorials or asking a specific question pertaining to fog. We could make an entire thread about the function of fog.

Another tip for making things stand out, when pertaining to scenery, especially plants, I make one part of the plant a shade darker, in order to make it pop.

So the major take away is:

“Focus on the object you’re building and think of things that go along with that object”

House goes with Tree

Dog goes with Dog House, Bone, Leash, Ball, Fire Hydrant


I don’t know what you do now, and what you don’t do. Can you show pictures of your previous work?