Help on Group Manager Game

Hello everyone! I’m khaleedasa and I was hired on a group to make a game so that we won’t manually change their role. I made a template of the game, already have buttons for each role but no functions yet.

Here’s where I needed your help:

Ranking players to lowest rank (member)

  • Every player can click on that button, if they clicked that button they will be ranked to that role

Only followers role

  • They have to follow specific player in-order to allow them to click the button and if they are not following that player then they can’t click that button and won’t ranked up. I don’t know if there a script that can detect player follower

Only friends role

  • Same as the follower role but only friends of that specific person can click

Only members who purchase clothes/pants/etc

  • Same as friends and followers but those merch buyers can only click and be ranked up.

I already made some functions on this game, I only need your help in this part. Thanks to anyone who will response :wink:


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Hey, you shouldn’t take jobs you aren’t capable of doing sir. You can using http service with an outside server using the Roblox web api to rank them in the group. The friends only role can be done by detecting if the player if an friend of you. I forgot the service for it though. The only members who purchase clothes and pants can be done with Catalog service i believe, im not sure though. If not it can be definetly done just by the outside server using roblox’s api. Btw if you want the server to run 24/7 you would need to pay money or self host assuming you know how to make one.


It’s not a job actually, just helping my friend to keep his group organize. I also allow http service but we have the same problem, I also

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I found this Player | Roblox Creator Documentation


We’re not supposed to spoonfeed entire functions, only guide you to finding the solution. You should familiarize yourself with the Roblox API endpoints and a non-Luau programming language for ranking.

Side Tip: Don’t take jobs you know you can’t do.

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I just want to help him since I’m bored and he also helped me on some things

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So do you want to automatically rank people by clicking a button in a Roblox game?

I can help you with that if so, add me on Discord. My username is avoidingfans#0001.

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