Help on Lobby Floor

Im creating a group game called Adventure World and need help deciding on what to put on the floor of this lobby. Any thoughts or ideas?


You could honestly just use the concrete texture and change the color, it would look very nice and, you do not want to make the lobby too busy since you already have many parts and a design along the walls.

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I did it, how does it look:

in my opinion it looks a little bland, im curious what furniture should I add to the floor. My style for the game is low poly, and this part of my lobby is in a cave if you didn’t notice. Do you think maybe some vegetation would do the trick?

Vegetation wouldnt because you wouldnt find it in a cave, unless it is like a moss or something, try a little darker color and maybe add areas of different heights along the floor to show its in a cave

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Potted Plants, some nice wooden chairs tables, bookshelves, statues, lanterns, and add some wildlife. I really don’t know the point of the game, but some more ideas are some variety to the colors of rock for the cave.