Help on making a combat system

i want to make my first combat system but idk where to start, could anyone give me tips on and tell me how they made theres?

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That’s extremely vague and gives no info, like at all. What kind of combat system, what kind of theme, what kind of game, context matters. Are you trying to make a 1v1 gun system? A magic skill system? People need to know these things to give you appropriate answers.

like LoafingHour said.
first chose what kind of system you want.
then go to the toolbox and search for examples.
it is easy to find guns, swords etc. etc. there.

if this is your first time scripting. just use the free models, but make sure there are no viruses in them.
(look for the mark for high-quality items)

adjust where is needed

A simple search on youtube would give you plenty of examples and tutorials with very detailed explanations

im very sorry, thanks for telling me i but i meant like hand to hand combat just basic combat like that