Help on realistic modeling in blender

i’m a low poly based builder and i want to find ways to make my builds more realistic using blender, anybody have any tips for me? I want to make a pretty realistic but not to realistic tractor, the pictures below are of the tractor i already made.



I have a few tips for you:

  • Use a reference image of a realistic tractor.
  • Make sure you have and interior and you can see through the windows.
  • Try your best to use smooth shading and sub division modifier. (Though the modifier may make the tractor be high poly)
  • Try to put a few textures on the tractor
  • Try changing the color to a different, more darker, and less vibrant color.

I hope this helped a little! :grinning:

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thank you for the feedback, i’ll be testing what you said out in blender sometime tomorrow.