Help on UI positioning

As seen in the video, I can’t possibly position and size the UI correctly. How do I fix this? I am going insane by now.

And what should I manage? The position and size are the same for both devices.

But if I set the size for mobile devices, it breaks for computer.

And I already know what Size and Position are. I am just trying to fix the sizing and positioning on Roblox’s end.

The plugin already does that. But look:

Uh, I will give it a try.

How would I do that?

Everything appears to be fine in there.

Kinda did, it seems like this on computer:

And like this on phone:

The icon makes me irritated, but there are limitations :confused:

Hey! To fix the issue you had, scale the children in the frame you’re scaling too.

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I am pretty sure to fix the icon all you need to do is add a ‘UIAspectRatioConstraint’ or use AutoScale to automatically add it for you.

P.S It will work best on the items inside the frame, not the frame itself.

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