Help running "Play Solo" using plugins

Not sure if anybody has any info on this, but I’m building a plugin and I need to be able to run the place as-if the user clicked the ‘Play Solo’ button. I looked around and from the surface it seems there is no way to add this behavior. I have tried RunServices :Play() function, though it doesn’t seem to do anything, no output or errors.
I’m wondering if anybody has any knowledge of this.

Yeah, sadly I don’t think it’s achievable anymore. I believe it used to be achievable considering the fact that there is a whole function for it that just doesn’t work. (RunService:Run)
The funny thing is that I wanted to use it for debugging, which is the purpose described in it’s documentation. I’m wondering if it’s meant to be deprecated or something…

nvm, i checked up the documentation and discovered that it should actually still be active.

You won’t be able to get it to behave as if you clicked Play Solo, but you can get it to behave as if you clicked run.
What’s the actual code you are using to try and get it to work?

Simply just calling the function. Didn’t work in plugins or from the command bar. Both published plugins and local plugins.

When you ran it in the command bar, what was it that you were expecting to occur? It’s possible that it was working, just not in the way you expected

Well I expected scripts to run which didn’t seem to happen. I’m not at my computer so I can’t try anything atm.