Help scaling GUI's

Hello can someone help me how to scale GUIs also could you tell me if the way my GUI’s setup good.
This is on normal studio
This is on phone
Also is this order good

You can use this plugin to solve this issue.

This plugin is really useful for converting offset to scale or scale to offset. If you don’t want to mess with these properties, you can use it.


I was using that but it didn’t help :frowning:

I also followed a tutorial on it but it didn’t help either

Make sure you adjusted the UI for scale. Adjusting it to offset generally doesn’t work.

I did that didn’t work either I’m not sure how to fix it

You can also add constraint with that plugin. Did you try it?

Let me try it now I will let you know

Instead of using offset use scale instead which is i think over or under the offset in ui

Set the anchorpoints, also i don’t recommend using images to round your UI, UICorner exists.

Try to use UIAspectRatio I am sure it will help and if you ask me how can I do the math it’s simple basically you will just do AbsoluteSize.X/AbsoluteSize.Y and you will get the ratio.

Ok I will try that too thank you

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That worked thanks a lot it’s way better like that :smiley:

Use this plugin Personal GUI Rescaler - Roblox. It automatically adds UIAspectRatio Constraints and you don’t have to do anything manually.