[Help] Skinned mesh out of multiple parts

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This is a clown I am trying to make and import to roblox studio for animation, it’s supposed to be a skinned mesh and work with a bone rig. Problem is, the clown is too intricate:

  • A layer of clothing
  • Internal organs
  • overall complex shapes

I have tried normal baking it but trying to keep the clown under 10k tris just makes it so undetailed the basic shapes are barely kept (even if I try to keep certain parts more detailed than others).

I would not like to resort to using separate parts and not using a bone rig, but I have no solution for this.


Ways That I can see you reducing poly count:
Less bumps/ruffles (Most people would probably be too scared to appreciate the detail)
Reduce poly count of the lungs?
Less detail on the chopped off arm?
Get rid of poly the player won’t see
Try baking out some of the detail onto normal maps (idk how to do this)
To be honest, this looks more like a model you would see in a movie, not one you would see in a game.

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The bumps and ruffles part is solved with normal baking which I do plan on doing, it’s just that I can’t keep the model under 10k tris and still has key topology components it needs (like the fingers being less sharp or the ribs being well defined)


If you can’t keep it under 10k tris, than I think you have to make compromises on the detail.

  • Reduce detail on the ears

  • Less rips in the shirt (not as many bones/muscles taking up tris)

  • Less detail on the torso/shirt

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Again, these aren’t really solutions cause most of these I would do, but it’s still not enough