Help, someone has infected my game with a script named "E" it is an ss gui and I cannot find it

Someone in my group infected my game with an SS named Ethereal. This script shows in the workspace when I hit “test” but cannot be found when I leave the testing mode. Anyone know how to delete this?

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You could use an antivirus plugin: Here it is

Sounds like you have an infection somewhere in your game. Likely a script hidden somewhere requiring a third-party module. Try following this guide to locate and remove it:

It’s long, but it works :wink:

maybe delete it in test mode…

Scripts cannot be deleted from test mode.

Go to Studio Settings > Studio and enable “Show hidden objects in explorer”. You should be able to find the malicious script that way.

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Alright, I turned it on and a lot of random stuff is now showing. What do I do from here?

Search for scripts and check if they’re malicious.

A solution I have used alot is searching for ‘require’.

To do this, simply press CTRL + SHIFT + F

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