[HELP] Tping into another game that not your own

Hello, Developers. My name is night. I am a builder, Logo artist. I need help with a maybe common issue. When people join my game. They get tped to somewhere not into my game.

What I have tried: I looked into the scripts but (I am blind ish) So, I may missed it. I looked under every script but I can’t find it.

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There are a couple of similar topics around here on the forums, please search before posting. You have a backdoored plugin that’s injecting infected code into your game intended to redirect people elsewhere. You will need to disable all your plugins and one by one activate them and see if the teleporting happens. This way you can find which one specifically is problematic and uninstall it.

This should also be a reminder for you to verify who you’re installing plugins from before doing so.

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are you using free models? there might be a virus script in one of them.

For a generic solution right now you can try searching for all scripts in your game.

local coreGui = game:GetService("CoreGui")

local descendants = game:GetDescendants()
local isA = game.IsA

for i, descendant in pairs(descendants) do
    local success, isScript = pcall(isA, descendant, "LuaSourceContainer")

    if (success and isScript and (not descendant:IsDescendantOf(coreGui))) then
        local source = descendant.Source:lower()

        if (source:match("getfenv")) then
            warn("More likely malicious:", descendant:GetFullName())

You would run this in Command Bar.

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Most of the code that makes that happen is hidden away from the main script,

so for example.

print("Hello World")                                                                   -- the bad part of the script will be hidden from most people's view, 

If your script has crazily small scroll bars in the script editor, I recommend deleting it.

Like @colbert2677 said, it could be plugins, or any free models you have inserted into the game.

I looked in the free models there is no script in it.

Mhm, I will check the plugins.

Can you take a screenshot of the Explorer?

Mhm, I am currently logging into roblox studios now.

Anything with the name Anti-lag or vaccine is a virus.

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