Help! Vehicle Seat Cloning

Hello, I have a script that clones my vehicles from Replicated Storage to Workspace but none of the seats work.

I am not sure of the issue

The Driver’s Seat is a ‘Vehicle Seat’ and passengers are seats.

Any Ideas?

For sure seems like a coding issue, probably should fix that.

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	local Car = Info.CarOneModel:Clone()
		local clone = Car:clone()
		clone.Parent = workspace

Thats the script

Nahhh, just clone it once not twice man.

local clone = Info.CarOneModel:Clone()
clone.Parent = workspace
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Is the cloning client sided? If it isnt try sending the script it might be a problem from the code itself

You need to make sure all the event connections are transferred to the cloned vehicle. And as others mentioned make sure this is done on the server.

Fixing that now


How can I do that?

Its A-Chassis

or do

local clone = Info.CarOneModel
clone.Parent = game.Workspace

theres 2 ways i think

that’s not going to work because of that piece of code. Clone is still defined as Info.CarOneModel not the clone instead do:

clone = clone:Clone()

ah i see, thanks for letting me know