Help wanted for Dewk Inc!

About Us

Hello you strange being! We are Dewk Inc. (Pronounced Duke), a small upcoming development team. We’re looking for a builder, a composer, and an animator, who will work with us on our still-in-the-works but new game, Project: 2354

The Team
@C0VERBlown - Owner, Creative Director
@carslys - Co-Owner, Builder
@Theboys810 - Scripter
@4rmp - Scripter

About The job

We are looking for (again) a builder, composer, and an animator (not all in one, although that would be amazing), Who will A) Help make more models for our game (Builder), B) Make animations for the different interactions (Animator), and C) Compose music for ingame events and sound effects for item interactions, and other things. We expect some at least decent builds, sound effects and music, and animations. Good communication skills are welcome ; we check progress almost daily and would like a good workplace community, and good relationships with one another.

Our game’s build style is, industrial and sort of Jerry-Rigged, we will provide more info on it as we work.

Our game will need… in general a LOT of assets before we can put it out in alpha. We don’t care about how long the assets take, we only care about the quality. That said, do not take 6 weeks to make a bag of chips.


We are going to be paying through what we call “Performance points” where, each point is worth 30 robux (sounds cheap but the price may increase as we get things done).

Contact Us

You can contact us on the dev form through @carslys or via Discord at: Discord

One more thing, the age limit is 13! Thank you for your time, and have a great day!


we have already found a composer and animator, so please do not send a resume if you were going to do so for that profession

the builder we needed has been found!

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