Help with a Camera Script not working

So, I’m making a main menu for a game i’m working on, and I need the main menu to be a Surface gui, not a screen gui, and I need to position the camera at a certain place so the player can use the menu, the problem is I have an opening cutscene at the beggining. Because of that, no script changing the Camera will work, because the script for the cutscene overwrites it immediatley when you join. I modified a script from a tutorial so that it should check if the camera subject is the player, and if it is change it to be looking at a specified part.
if camera.CameraSubject = player.Character.Humanoid then

    	local camera = workspace.CurrentCamera
    	local Part11 = game.Workspace.Part11

    	camera.CameraType = "Custom"
    	camera.Focus = Part11.CFrame

I thought that this would work, but it gave me an error in the first line. I suck at scripting, so I probably screwed up the whole script. For anyone wondering the Error is “Error: (2,25) expected ‘then’ when parsing if statement, got ‘=’” What can I do to fix it?

Use Double equals (==) instead of single equals (=) when checking for equality

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Script Doesn’t Work, but the Error is Fixed XD. Thanks!