Help with a game idea that involves no building/low amount

What’s a game idea that involves mostly programming. Where there is barely any building part of it.
I’m to poor to afford a builder.
But im decent at programming.
So please send suggestions.

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How about a game like Hello Neighbor, Flood Escape and The White Room all put together?

Basically you need to escape a box but when you get out your just inside a bigger box over and over again. The catch is, your current box can’t be escaped the same way as any previous boxes.

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Hello, i want to help you for free with building. Its no problem for me i have 1,5 year build experience. If you want to hire me message me on the developer forum.

2d games like super mario bros.

Puzzle like games, where you have to solve something
related to colors, letters, numbers.
You can also procedurally generate a level (like diablo),
where you use code to generate rooms, walls, doors, floors, tunnels.
(google proc gen)