Help With A Rocky Outdoor Build

Hey there I am not a good builder and am trying to make map for my game where it is meant to look like rocky interesting outdoor map. I am having trouble because my map so far uses the same colour style and material for everything making it not stand out at all and ugly to look at but changing the material and colours makes it just look weird.

Can anybody give me some ideas on what I can do to make it look like what I am trying to achieve but without making it look so ugly and dull I want it to be interesting and I cant seem to achieve that.


Your map is very empty, it’s just some rocks. The ground is just a flat plane. You could add signs, a dirt path leading into the cave etc. You could also add some rocks on the ground, and give them different colors (shades of brown and gray).

The cave and the map’s ”border mountain” each look to be made up out of the same block cloned and resized/rotated. Change the colors of some of the blocks to different shades.


I’m not very good at picturing the way I want something to turn out but that sounds like it would improve my build thanks.

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As it is now I call it Roblox style blocky. To Improve this in my opinion you can use meshes that can be easily made with Blender (low poly to not do much lag when loading all doe you need a lot to do lag)Create a couple of rocks different looking and this will make it look different and not to same everywhere you look.This will make your map/build look more detailed and I would not be shy to use a bit of terrain for the ground or give it variety of colors and add some hills to not look flat and plain. With the mesh rocks I would add some strong colors and some soft ones to make them look different and create that contrast

Grass for details and to create a bit of contrast and not just rocks.

You can always go the other way and use unions…to make a rock like.

And I would also go about and add more details to the map depend what it is for…example of what you can add a…

  • Shed
  • Barn
  • NPC’s
  • Store
  • Dragon
    It will end up depending on what is the game about what to add.

Hope this helps you out


Helps a lot thanks.


I have used that grass particle example like Crazy said and it looks nice I will add more I also made some interesting colours and paths like konlon15 said this is the result so far.

Thanks @CrazySnoopylove & @konlon15 I think Ive got a good idea on moving forward now.

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Don’t be scared to use meshes and if you went with terrain for the floor you could’ve used the paint and added more curvatures to the path itself

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Just something I noticed, that “Low poly rock formations” video isn’t exactly low poly. 1200 triangles just for a rock is pretty high.

If you really want a sense of variety in the terrain, I would try using SmoothTerrain. You can really make it look nice and fitting with the game.

I am not entirely sure what the setting is, but adding greenery can really set the scene.


Its still is on the low poly side for that rock size and it have some details in it…to make it look like a specific rock type. Beside if he do it for the map its not going to matter it wont lag anything while running if used wisely…

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How do you apply particle grass to un-even terrain?

In my opinion, rocks that have smoothed edges generally look better than blocky ones.

Here’s a video containing an example of how you can make one

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Thanks everyone im getting somewhere now.

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I just wanted to mention that for me at least Blender really enhances the way everything looks.
The blocks/rocks in your images are very squared off and, although there is variety, I believe you’ll be much more happy creating rocks rather than using a default block.

That’s just me.

Anyways the more stuff you add to a scene the better.
Reference images really do make you have a much more broad imagination.
(Blender is worthwhile your time to learn)

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Hello! I didn’t see this until now. I’ve noticed you’ve changed from your original style, however if you like the original randomly rotated blocks better, try playing Universal Studios Roblox for an example of where it blends in real well.

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