Help with a script

Hey, the developers.
I want to ask for help with the “save progress” script
For an obby. Like in the game Mega fan obby. I also want to make a script. so that it remains where the player finished his stage. So that after the restart he did not have to go through everything again. Please help. Who knows how.

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Hello. This category doesn’t work like this. Nobody should provide you with full code. You need to think yourself!

You could provide your approaches, which you tried so far.

Anyways, keep this in mind.

Your Solution

You will want to save their Stage Value, every time it changes (when they step on the checkpoint). You then when CharacterAdded fires, you will teleport them to the appropriate stage you get from the DataStore.

How can I think myself if I don’t even know how to write a script. what can we talk about?

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Well then I would suggest your learning code basics, first. Then come to harder things. :wink:

Yes of course. I wrote in vain on this topic.

Okay, the topic is closed. DDDD