Help with a script

Hello there! I am trying to make a GUI that opens when a vehicle touches an invisible part. I typed all of this script, and I am stuck at the very end. I would like to make it so the GUI opens for when the “Detector” in multiple cars hits the brick, but I have to insert an ObjectValue for CarBody, and that will only let me have it for one car. Should I just duplicate the ObjectValue so that it can fit all the cars, or will that confuse Roblox studio with all of those same named bricks in the same part. Please help!

If you would like to see copies of my scripts and stuff like that, just let me know.


basically you want a pop up GUI?

Yes, and it will pop up when one brick (Detector) collides with another brick (CarCusomizationWall). In order to do this, the script requires a carbody, which I am using script.Parent.Carbody, which is an object value. This object value is supposed to connect to the car body, so that the script can locate all of the parts to paint. The only issue is that I want this to work on multiple cars, and with just one Object Value, it will only work for one car body. So I am asking how I would be able to either connect the object value to multiple parts, or create multiple object values with the same name and purpose.

Right now I am going to try creating multiple object values, and I will see what the result is.

ok, I’ll see what I can do but I don’t promise anything

I just attempted having each vehicle have a object value, but it did not work.

I think that it was confusing the server.

Nevermind, I figured it all out.