Help With Animation Blending Broken After New Update

Hello everyone,

Recently, I believe around november, Roblox released an update that changed how blending animations worked on the platform.

My game uses animation blending for directional combat, and does so but blending two animations together in such a way that their weights are proportional to the direction the player aims their cursor.

The problem is after the update the animations behind it broke entirely and I have no clue how to fix the issue.

Here is a code snippet:

local function lightSwingAnim()
	local angle = combatData.Angle.Value
	if angle > 90 then
		local overheadWeight = (180-angle)/90
		local overheadWeight = (90-angle)/90

Thank you for your time, please help if you can

There might be a value in workspace that may revert the change. Messing around with the random settings usually works when I run into bugs like these. (Make sure to save your original settings just in case something goes wrong)

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I discovered the problem, one of the animations was under action2 while the rest were action3.

Thank you for your help.

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