Help With Animations Overlaps

guys I am making a sword system and I have made two anims walk, Attack . my problem is when I walk the walk animation plays correctly but when I attack and play the attack anim it plays but not as it is in animation editor or it gets overridden by the walk anim
note : when I get the PlayingAnimationTracks() there is no other anim other the two .

I had that problem before (in other situation) and I solved it by making the overridden anim priority higher than the one who overrides . but in this situation it doesn’t work.

note : the walk anim not played by me its in the Animate LScript in StarterChrScs and priority is movement … (the attack is action4).
note : every animatoin overrides the attack anim

Video for clarification :

I am not very expert in animation stuff So I don’t know where is the problem if anyone knows please reply to me

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