Help with animations running on roblox studio but not on roblox

Ok so the aniamtions plays on roblox studio but in roblox game no I try to fix but still not working.

This is the menu:
This is the camera:

And this is the script I made for Aniamtions :

I really need help.

Hi, this same thing has happened to me, is this a group game and are you using animations YOU uploaded? If so, reupload them under the group that publishes the game. Otherwise make sure all animations are uploaded under the account or group that owns the game.

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I think yes, let me test, we made the game in a group.

I know this it happened soo many times for me.If you want to work you need put the animation to be in your roblox group inventory or put the animation be made in your account inventory and will work…

Tell me if to work.

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