Help with auto scrolling frame

Hi guys, I need some help here;

if (currentButton.Parent.Parent:IsA("ScrollingFrame")) then -- auto scroll
					local TMP = currentButton.Parent
					local ScrollingFrame = currentButton.Parent.Parent
					local X = (TMP.AbsolutePosition.Y/ScrollingFrame.AbsoluteSize.Y) * (TMP.AbsoluteSize.Y/2+ScrollingFrame.CanvasPosition.Y)
					local TweenTo =,X)
					ScrollingFrame.CanvasPosition = TweenTo

The trouble is;
Is not exactly perfect and it won’t work very well sometimes

That’s video ^
Main Trouble is when scrolling back up I think

Anyone knows what’s causing it?
I can provide more info if so, please help D:

Something like this?
robloxapp-20210126-1225252.wmv (83,5 KB)

Not really, it’s meant to auto-scroll acording to current button position. (current button is the button in blue)
And TMP is the viewport frame, Current Button is inside TMP

i tried but its super buggy :confused:

What’s the code? If you could show me :smiley:
It looks clean!

I was writing this other thing and tried doing a 2 player server and it crashed the baseplate and I lost all progress :frowning_face:

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Just fixed it on my own, thanks everyone though!