Help with blender needed

Hi! I’m hecker, and I need some help with blender…

  • What are you attempting to achieve? The right things to use.
  • What is the issue? Part lag, and not knowing what things to use in Blender to fix it.
  • What solutions have you tried so far? So far, I have tried making low poly meshes. (Not sure if it works yet, I have not tested the game yet.)

In some other posts of mine, I have a part lag issue, that I have posted into three different categories… however, they have not been solved yet. A person told me that Blender can help, and told me to lower the segments… and so on. I have made the low poly meshes… which consist of low poly balls, and low poly cylinders. However, before I run the game, and waste my time… (not saying I am… but just in case.) I just want to know if there are any modifiers I need to add to my parts… or group them together in Blender to lower the triangles…? I need help is all. Any tips you can provide that can reduce the part lag… will be of big help to me.

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Your post is pretty broad so its hard to dive into specifics, but here are some general tips and things to help with triangles (these only work in some situations, but are still nice to know)

First off, you can use the decimate modifier to quickly lower the detail on meshes (and un-subdivide them

Secondly, in order to remove overlapping vertices in meshes, you can use the shortcut M --> By distance (make sure you have all the vertices selected) This removes any overlapping vertices, which can be very annoying at times.
(8 vertices were on top of each other)
also, you can adjust the margin

Thirdly, instead of putting in a higher value in the subdivision surface modifier, use a lower value and shade it smooth (make sure to enable auto smooth in the vertex tab on the bottom right afterwards)

There’s not really any modifiers/ things you need to add, (as long as you follow good modelling protocol), but the things I mentioned above could help with some issues that pop up.

Hope this helped!

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