Help with blender [solved]

Hello! again
Ive been trying to understand gfx making and 3D modelling and ive run into an issue , I was trying to make a GFX to show off a shirt ive recently made however when I rendered it, it looks very bad and weird may i know why?
My computer is really bad and can barely run blender so maybe I lagged something out although its mostly human error C:

Well, can you run through the steps you did when you imported it into Blender?

Ah Im sorry, I shouldnt went into detail :sweat_smile:
I went into roblox studio and created a set, and posed my character.
I then exported it to blender and opened it as a OBJ. file
After that I turned on the ambient occlusion
and after that I positioned the camera and clicked render and that was what appeared.
Sorry for the inconvenience, thank you for your help!

Do you have any screenshots of blender that you could show us.

Sorry for the inconvenience caused, after playing around and resetting everything I fixed it. Thank you for the help you have offered super sorry for wasting your time like this :o

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No, I love to help people with issues.

P.S I have all the time in the world to waste. Lol

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aye :smiley: I really appreciate it though

Import your model into R6 instead of R15 in the future.

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Ah Ill try to, I didnt know which to use :0